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A long-term partnership

At Petit Gourmet, we provide continuous support in diverse areas that guarantee a successful introduction of our product, attractive display and positive ROI to Petit Gourmet and the Duty Free.


Our products are freshly baked, with a shelf life of 9 months.


We have two state of the art factories that are equipped with semi-automated machinery. We are able to produce massive quantities and meet high demands in unparalleled speed.

Production Capabilities:
15 Tons of Baklava and Mediterranean Sweets per day
10 Tons of Chocolates per day


We have a knowledgeable and dedicated team that is able to conceptualize ideas with record delivery time. Our skilled team members have a proven record of developing innovative and uniquie ideas that add an edge to the market. We work with maximum efficiency to deliver positive results that suit the client and market’s needs.


Our experienced team offer continuous support to the business unit and add value to our displays. From promotions, offers and sampling to customized sleeves and attractive activations, we are constantly developing unique ideas to support our sales and create a buzz in the market.

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